Christmas is a season for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. The season is marked with so much love, care, kindness, hope and above all its a season of reunion.

This season is rated as one of the most expensive seasons in the world as the amount of sales during this time is enormous globally and this is for buying gifts for the season. Most people buy these gifts for their families and love ones, some for the less privileged in the society, the orphanage homes, rehabilitation homes and its always a joyous moment.

The question now is ” why after these so much love and care shared, the world is still not a better place for us all”. Do people forget the significance of this immediately after the Yuletide.

The reason for this celebration is to celebrate the birth of a Savior. But this has over the years been hilariously celebrated and we forgetting the the reasons for His birth. We have also by reason of chance invented symbolic arts to commemorate this season. The Christmas tree, the basket of gifts, the gift packs, all are significant symbols  commemorating the season.

The Christmas tree signifies the one tree line in which humanity originates from and has grown and spread all over the earth. The decor is so captivating that I wish to ask why all the aesthetics. Most Christmas trees are beautified with lights and makeshifts of fruits which symbolizes food for mankind. The light giving brightness in the dark, telling the world that this season should be beautifully celebrated, it should be devoid of evil tendencies and attributes, its should take us through the New Year. The fruits, the gift packs, the gift baskets and all forms of gifts given during this yuletide should be of good intent today and beyond through to the next Christmas celebration.

How do you remember your Christmas as someone once said to me ‘ that the worth of a man on earth is not in his existence alone but also in his legacies’.

The world could be a better place with your impact this season if you reflect on the significance of the Christmas tree sitting in your house and the gifts baskets.

Merry Christmas


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