My friend the one I cherish

I flourish because you are caring

Morning and evening are witnesses.

But reciprocating this I find unfathomable

Favorably interested only in successes

Failing to understand that the world is a small place where we all should live peaceably as long as we can

Just as the body functions as one.

Love and harmony should be our principle.

My friend how well should I believe in you

You make me feel insecure when truly you are my confidant.

Confidence in a friend is what matters most.

Most times we may not remain steadfast due to life’s threshold

But since man is no immortal we are bound to make mistakes

Because a leopard cannot change its spot.

Sometimes I wonder if my friend should truly still be my friend.

Oh my friend, how I’d wish you’d truly, really, sincerely and faithfully remain my friend.

My fair weather friend, how I cherish you


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