Sincere Purposes 1 : Employee & Employer

I have in my few years of existence come to realize that the extent of sincerity of purposes is retrogressing each day I wake to see a new light of day.

So many friends had over the years given course for a doubt of their true friendship towards me and towards others… but that is not what I intend to share today.

My saddened heart is concerned with employer – employee relationship. For a fact, I’m still a student, who have been trying to understand why an employer would not want to let go of an employee when he threatens quit, but rather would want to give him a raise. For a fact too, I’ve observed that most employees cannot quit their present jobs and survive well within a space of 2 – 3 months still searching for another job, all for the fear of not missing out in the pittance he is receiving at the moment. This really bothers me as most employers are so quick to give you a raise the moment you tender a resignation letter or you tell them you have been hired some other place with a better pay. They also wish to throw you out so quickly the moment they see you are no longer needed in the organization, to me this is unfair to the families of the employee, who have sacrificed the family member to serve you for years without being adequately recognized, its unfair to the employee who with the zeal and passion to serve and see you succeed, you still feel you dictate the shots.

Time will tell if we are truly sincere to our employees… Don’t you dare say that the employee is not sincere, because a fruit doesn’t get bad until there is a contact from an external…

Time and posterity will judge.





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