My heart desires you

But nature is resisting it

Searching through my mind

I believe I live my mum

I love my dad

 In fact my family as a whole I love them

Out of these, my heart still longs for someone

But nature is fighting me.

If life were to be a bed of ROSES, I would have loved to hold you both day and night.

Despite you making me cry everyday

My love for you goes on and on.

I was actually on my bed last night and the thought of you was all over me,

Of which I was trying to resist the thoughts of you but it keeps coming.

At a time, I discovered I’ve thought about you for 6 good hours

 And for these hours it was like a second to me,

Of which my heart desires you,

But destiny is resisting it.

Meanwhile, my love for you goes on and on.

In recent time I see you as the reason why I smile,

Walking down the street,

Sitting and enjoying natures goodness,

And in everything I do.

My heart keeps in search of you every moment.

For the love I’ve shown to you,

It may look spurious, 

But mind you I’m not a sycophant

(pondering mood)

Of which my heart desires you

But destiny is resitting it.

Meanwhile, my love for you goes on and on.


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