“LOVE” physical features that will make you gasp “WOW”! in her .


I must confess I’ve always admired beautiful ladies and I respect women. I have in my few years of existence I’ve constantly been around them…..and I’ve notices so many unique but amazing things about their beauties. I’ll try as much as possible to concentrate on the physical features.

Let say we start with the Hair. We have different colors of hair, from black to dark brown, blond, red and even gray. These natural colors are amazing so much  that the different style women wear makes you gasp wow!

The face, is another unique feature to behold, so many ladies are just dazzling, so beautiful  that you can’t help but scream “OMG”.. You might wanna say her facial completion is worth the attraction, but i bet you, different completion make different impression, all unique.

The ” eye’, that sincerest attractive part of the body.. No wonder we always say,’ I See love in her eye‘. You’ve got the cat-looking kind of eye, the small eye, the tiny ones that barely can see, the big eyeballs, the very piercing ones that just a sight of them hmmm, the brown colored ones, the white ones, those that seem to have particles or eye issues, and so many more which I would do anything just to behold them. They all look AMAZING.

The nose, is on great feature most ladies have, but right now, less comment on that part of the feminine body….( don’t ask why)..

The lip… The loveliest of them all….guys you know that… You know most ladies will enjoy cherish your company, when there is a constant gaze and admiration of their lip… They will do anything just to make them attractive and admired…( with the up. down movement while talking)… This part of the body can make you….or mare you.

The Face structure is one part that most guys like…but hey guys, appearances are deceptive... ‘so they say’. So be on the look out.

The neck, a scarcely admired and noticed part in a feminine body… I tell, you’ve got to take a good look on every ladies neck from now on coz in them you’d find one of the secret treasures in a lady…the most adoring is the ring-curled necks…

I’m gonna blindfold my eye to some parts in this section…. and then go straight to the hands and the fingers.. Yes the hand is one of the most sensational part of the female body including her fingers..some short fingered, some long, some have got hmm nails that are just wow ( you wanna bite them off), some palms as soft as that cotton wool… You’ll love it

Those with great body structures make the man fantasize…

The legs, which will be my final, is something most ladies are scared of themselves… The legs of all ladies are great, just make your choice and choose wisely.

Hey, if you’ve got more tips, POST it here…( ladies you are not exempted)

Guys,on a very serous note, Valentine’s day is around the corner, impress her by making her gasp ‘wow’…. Don’t go for another, coz she might be desiring what your Ex’s got…


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