Irish Thoroughbred: Nora Robert


Irish Thoroughbred, American author Nora Roberts’s debut novel, was originally published by Silhouette in January 1981 as a category romance. Like other category romances, the novel was less than 200 pages and was intended to be on sale for only one month. It proved so popular that it was repackaged as a stand-alone romance and reprinted multiple times. Roberts wrote two sequels, Irish Rebel and Irish Rose. Roberts drew on her Irish heritage to create an Irish heroine, Adelia “Dee” Cunnane. In the novel, Dee moves to the United States, where her sick uncle arranges for her to marry his employer, wealthy American horsebreeder Travis Grant. Although the early part of their relationship is marked by frequent arguments and misunderstanding, by the end of the story Travis and Dee reconcile. According to critic Mary Ellen Snodgrass, the couple’s transformation from adversaries to a loving married couple is one of many formulaic elements in the book. Although the protagonists adhered to many stereotypes common to romance novels of the 1980s, Roberts’s heroine is more independent and feisty than most heroines of the time. This book’s popularity helped pave the way for other romance authors to experiment with heroes and heroines who had greater economic and emotional parity..(read more.)http://

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