Through a Glass Darkly

Do you sometimes stop to stare at someone from a distance, or through imagination, maybe a female or a male, whom you have long admired. Seeing them, you see how beautiful or handsome they look, with characteristics you’ll cherish so much that you’ll gasp, your mouth wide open. You see how they have built their dreams, hopes joys, happiness and aspirations, you see through their pains. Their families who for long has stood by them, maybe not true though, their friends both the loyal, faithful, lip-serving, and totally dishonest ones. This person, makes you smile when you see the extent of success they have achieved, how they have struggled through turmoils, criticisms, just to get to the top. Sometimes, they are successful, but most times some of these actions are but ambitions, which are merely passions, and so success is minimally achieved. Then you stop to ask why it was so, but you don’t get a clear response, or a just ” its meant to be so ” answer. Then you sink back to the chair you were seated. Their smiles again reassure you of their commitments to there dreams to get to the top. Then comes disaster, a heavy pain which almost leads them through, early to their graves to join their fathers, but still it doesn’t consume them. Once again they triumph over the disaster, and this brightens you. You are tempted to ask their strength source, they reply you just like Samson and Delilah story, but you were not totally swayed by the response, and so get back still on your feet. They feel they should reveal to you their heart yearning believing you will be there for them. Yes, was your reply, assuring them they have a shoulder to cry on. They tell you the injustice in the world, man’s cruelty to man, unfair treatment to a fellow man, all because they uphold this ideology that all were made not as equals. You try to understand with them, giving hopes that joy comes in the morning. When you think about their relationship, its full of ups and down; inconsistency, heart break, so complicated a relationship that you just sing for them. Their hopes, faith, joy is full when suddenly it seems like all will be well, and you are encouraged aswell. You see lots of phobia in their eyes which they pretend to be in control of, that it just doesn’t exist. You wish you could just give them a big hug, but your arms were not wide enough, to help them just so to avoid this depressing state if mind. Throughout this time, you have this feelings, pondering over all of these things, and all along it was you sitting in front of a mirror staring at yourself.

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