Being Being : as in Nights

Those nights when you feel the sun should never had set
When the clouds still stares right into your eye
And the wind blows from one end to the other just like an industrial fan
The one night you feel so hot inside and yet no soothing sensation
And the thoughts of time being fair just once to you
Yet seasons can come and go
Where you can feel young again
Dancing and running under a heavy down pour
Thunderstorms echoes the big bang of time
Lightning running to give you the guiding eye
Yet you watch leaves fall from trees and make them so nude that it reminds you of nights
Those nights that you see lifetime full of  passions and cherished moments
Yet certainty decleares itself but a mere thought
The sounds of the night inspires a tune that you cannot resist
A movement that sets you up in the cloud
And the cinema becomes an abode for you
Tales of tides you swim through just like the titanic
The night you hope if the breaking dawn would ever make love to you.


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