A.R.T’s Creative Interpretation Challenge

A.R.T's Creative Interpretation Challenge.


32 thoughts on “A.R.T’s Creative Interpretation Challenge

      1. That’s great. Well, most creative writing and analysis deal wit d concept or themes in the story told. Like what is d focus of story. So in this situation, after listening to the play, observe the poster symbolically and ask urself ‘what is this picture saying?’ Is it passing a direct message or its just there(which is never possible in arts tho). Since there is an inspiration from the story, then u will now try to see how it relates to the story. But first understand the story being told.


      2. Download 54 Sihouetteshttp://wp.me/p2VHfW-I4 ….

        …… Simply follow this link to download and listen to the play . Drop a comment to let us know what you think of the play as well. …….. This is the line on the page that sends you to the download link.


      3. Hello, how are you doing,hope fine.. please where you able to locate and find the link for the story download? Sorry you didn’t hear from me all this time ..


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