The Impossible Thought.

Take a moment and imagine this : If by divine ordinance, or there is a cosmic evolution where men became women and women, men ; will men (now women ) have the thoughts currently paraded by women about their plights and experiences with men or will women (now men) gradeure in the current lifestyle of men?

This is a course to reflect in and if you have reservations and comments,  feel free and do that as we journey into the realm of transformation of originality of BEING BEING.



  1. I sincerely hope this issue never becomes a reality. Men and women are just now evolving into their own and being what they are best at doing. Men are happy being stay-at-home moms and women are happy going away to the office to earn the large pay for the family. Now on the cusp of finding ourselves after all this time, I’d like to thank we can keep growing in a positive direction and not have to start over.


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