The Silent Heart Cry

      The Silent Heart Cry

Thou shalt hide them in the secret of thy presence from the pride of man: thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the
strife of tongues. Psalm 31:20.

When men and women are in the busy activities of life and are pressed with numerous cares, they cannot live upon their
knees. But even in the market place there is a watcher constantly present to witness every transaction, and the books of heaven record every penny of unlawful gain as fraud. While men cannot live upon their knees in the market place, yet the silent
heart’s earnest desire presented to heaven finds access to the Father through the watchers.

The way to the throne of God is
open, and all who have the fear of God before them and desire to walk in His counsel will seek His strength to do His will in crowded companies as well as in the

There is a chance for every man who loves and fears God, with every temptation that shall come in the business transactions of
life, to know how to retreat into the secret place of the Most High’s pavilion, so that he can remain there and be safe. Then he will
honor God because he feels the strength and fullness of power of Him who is back of the promises.

He communes with God where no
eye sees and no ear hears but His.
All the Lord requires is a willing mind to walk in the way of the Lord. If there be a pure heart he shall see God and will feel
His keeping power even in the busiest, most excitable crowd, if duty requires him to be there…. In such places every true, genuine
receiver of Christ… carries the lamp of life….

We must not have a religion that is retained only in favorable circumstances. A religion
dependent on circumstances will surely fail when it is most needed, in the most difficult surroundings.

The religion of the Bible will
require the gospel lamp to be kept burning brightly in unfavorable surroundings—in the market place, in the workshop—just as
verily as in the place where prayer is wont to be made. Purest Christian principles May be preserved in every place. Loving and believing in Christ as our personal Saviour, we can claim His grace and His guardian care wherever we May be….

Just whisper that silent prayer in your heart with faith and believe , and the good Great God and Father will surprise you. Amen.


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