Flashes as Light

Not Yet
© Michelle F.

He comes into my bedroom in the middle of the night
I close my eyes while my heart beats in fright
I feel his hand come tightly over my mouth
I want to scream but I cannot shout
He yanks off my clothes as if they’re paper
And when he begins I think to myself it’s time to meet your maker

It seems like eternity even though it was a mere hour
I race to the bathroom and try to wash away the pain in the shower
The next morning he packs up his bag to catch his train
But before he leaves he comes back into my bedroom and does it again

I sit there feeling alone and ashamed
Knowing there’s no one else to blame
I know he will be back in a week
And to him he must feel like he is on a winning streak

My mom doesn’t notice what he has done she
doesn’t even fret
And when she asks if it’s okay if she marries him
I beg her, Not Yet.


A Price Paid
© Janae Boswell

closed are my sunken eyes
tears gracefully crawl down my face
I take another straight shot of whiskey
as my head starts to race
the cigarette is still burning
and the sweet smoke tickles my nose

My body is going numb
I can no longer feel my toes
I can see my black mascara tears
as they fall onto my breast
there are scratches and dried blood
pretty purpled bruises decorate my chest

my red lipstick smeared
and hair full of knots
I shove more pills in my mouth
chasing it with three more shots
my body is beyond broken
my mind completely lost

a lesson with a price
myself an expensive cost
he was too strong and heavy
I couldn’t get him off top
with his hand over my mouth

I kept screaming stop
his cold eyes just watched me
as I fought hard and cried
he crushed my soul over and over

as he thrusted deeper inside
the world slowly went dark
from the fighting and pain
I woke up bloody and dirty
from the sound of the rain

now the bottle is empty
and the room in spins
I put the razor to my wrist
and rip it across my skin
the blood paints the floor
everything is slowing down

the darkness is back again
and its now all around
The cigarette still burns
as the smoke does an exotic dance
it moves so slow and graceful
putting me in a trance

there’s an empty whiskey bottle
a cigarette burning and a note
the blood is coloring the white paper red
where “I’m Sorry,” is faintly wrote

I weakly smile as I stare
at the broken body I just escaped
indeed an expensive cost
for the price of rape.

A Life Change
© Amberrae Daniels

There was a chill in the wind that night,
one like no other.
The darkness made it hard for sight,
but I knew it was his brother.
The strength of his grip,
the frame of his stature;
as he grabbed my hips,
before I knew it I was captured.
My throat went dry,
I couldn’t scream.
I tried and tried,
but the harder it seemed.
Next thing I knew,
an unfamiliar place;
unsure of what to do,
clothes were disappearing at fast pace.
My face turned white,
I couldn’t shift.
Frozen in fright,
thinking did I deserve this?
Down my cheek,
the first tear rolls.
As he proceeds,
my mouth he holds.
“Our little secret”
he whispered in my ear.
“You better keep it!”
he became my only fear.
Blood droplets depart,
from inside of me.
Fast pounding heart,
he took my virginity.
Without permission,
without consent;
the one abduction,
he would not repent.
I thank him now,
more than ever before;
he taught me how,
it felt to be torn.

The stories keep coming each day… Seems like no one cares….

But do you care?


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