Devotion: Being a Doer


Read James 1:22. The Greek says “to be” doers of the Word. How might the message have been different had James simply said, “Do the word”?

James combines being and doing. He does not separate them, nor does he make one more important than the other. They are like two sides of the same coin, inseparable. We are to be doers. Furthermore, the tense of the Greek word for be here refers to an ongoing lifestyle of obedience, one that is expected of us now rather
than at some indefinite time in the future.

The point is, we are to become new people in the Lord, and as a result of what we become , we
do the things that God commands us to. This is something quite different from us merely following

Read Luke 6:27-38 . What are some of the actions that we should be taking?

“Love your enemies.” “Give to everyone who asks of you.” “Be merciful, just as your Father
also is merciful” ( Luke 6:27 , 30, 36, NKJV) .

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? And it is, on our own. Love like this does not come naturally to
sinful human beings. That is why Jesus goes on to talk about two different kinds of trees and the
fruit each produces
( Luke 6:43-45 ) .

Similarly, in Galatians 5, Paul contrasts the works of the flesh ( Gal. 5:19-21 ) with the fruit of
the Spirit ( Gal. 5:22-23 ) . It is almost as if the more we focus on doing, the worse we become;
whereas, when we are being led by the Spirit, yields a totally different outcome-the fruit of love
and obedience.

Think about a time you did something simply because it was required of you or because it was a rule you had to obey.
Contrast that to the time you did something similar because it was something you wanted to do, something that naturally out of you because of Christ living
in you. How does this contrast help us to understand the point made?

Good morning my friends
#BeingBeing #WeDon’tComplain


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