Crazy Mysterious

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Original mysterious mystique the most unique
Poet with the physique of swagger.
Staggering the crooked line in life’s race
with a staggering crooked pace.

Wicked beauty in every word
The mystique of a mysterious word.
double the script flipping 3 words.
Tripling the doubling flipping
Life’s Script’s
Stoking & provoking
Persuasive imaginations
while invoking & stalking
Word’s of mind.

Durable rhymes in flexible lines twice as
unique dynamics of time.
Mesmerizing the physique
of uniqueness.

Packing uniqueness in my
pocket of complexities.

I’m a soldier of the futures time.
Commander with tactical
superiority in diversity.

Commanding mesmerizing times
facilitating a mythical dance
complexities in a unique romance.

Stalking mind’s with a positive abstract line.
Broadcasting brilliance whispers of resilience.
Speaking funky new physiques
of my uniqueness.

Devoted universities to my
eccentricities in
of cherished personalities.

Twice as advice of complexity
Speaking of rhythms in fathoms depths
provoking details.


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