Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


It’s the Less in time, Timeless it’s the Me in time, its the Ever in Forever its the give in Forgiveness its the OV in Love, the who in love the Me in mine the time for Less in time, marking ever in time in Love… Its Me in the timeless the Ov, in Love the please in pleasing pleasures to please the OV in Love…

Less the time in ever for the giving, for the tme, ever the Love ever the time, give in the forgiveness every time, less anytime the more of Me in time, its the
the for in ever, the time..


Love, the ov in Love, pleasing the ever of time pleasing a pleasure of mine in time the me in time, the me in mine of who in love timeless, marks the. driver, giving time with devotion its the love,
ever the Timeless Forgiving…

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