Coping with a chronically shy child

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How do you cope with a chronically shy child?

My youngest daughter is so unbelievably shy that she barely has a life, and it affects ours so much too. It’s so bad that if someone speaks to her, she hides- and not just strangers, I’m talking people she’s known her entire life! After a while she’ll come out of her shell a bit, but even if we then see that same person the next day, she’ll be back to behaving as if they’re trying to hand her a poisoned apple.

The latest issue is that she asked to do a football day camp, but just now when my husband tried to take her, she screamed hysterically and wouldn’t let him go. Now, this isn’t exactly unusual for her, and we know that once we’ve left, she’s always completely fine. However, today’s coach wouldn’t take her- wouldn’t even hold her hand…

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