Even the first world sometimes play the third world kinda GAME!

Protesters in Arizona block a highway leading to a Trump rally – http://qz.com/643294/protesters-in-arizona-block-a-highway-leading-to-a-trump-rally/


12 thoughts on “Even the first world sometimes play the third world kinda GAME!

  1. People are quick to cry foul when their space is invaded, yet at other times no one else’s rights matter.
    In a world where racism is the first card thrown, the truly oppressed are never mentioned, only the one’s wanting more, more….

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      1. Mr. Pintowski, you make me proud.
        Remember what I said, NEVER stop reaching….
        OH, you might want to run over to the place where you got the reblog of 20 reasons not to vote for The Donald. Although I wonder if he will allow it on his comments Mr. Pintowski. Don’t be swayed by others assumptions, Cruz will never be allowed to run, Hillary sides with Baby Murderers and also turns her back on ILLEGAL Fetal Tissue Experiments, although they are growing those baby organs for transplants I believe.
        As always Mr. Pintowski, I send all Good Things Your way.
        You and your Family are always in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers,

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      2. Mr. Pintowski, the world is little different no matter where you go, except for one thing, which I know little of, but what I do know, I do not share with anyone here. All I will say is that in that part of the world, people have been there a very long time.
        People act like things are so bad and different now, but in all reality, everything is the same as it has always been, there are just a whole lot more people.
        Have you read my post, PULLING NO PUNCHES, I posted it on March 18?
        Mr. Pintowski, can you say May Our GOD Bless The Whole World

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      1. Hehehehhe…. so much blankness, but that is the real American story… All of them, from Trump and his supporters, to Clinton and her gimmicks, to Sanders and the sympathizers strategy, all of them…. Representing the TRUE AMERICAN.

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