Spoken Words in Love for Country



Nigerians are the accuser of Nigeria. They have all specialized in the defaming and ridiculing of Nigeria for foreign amusement; and Donald Trump has wasted no time to grand the mockery. How long will this continue? How much love does Nigerians have for Nigeria?

Love for Country does not begin or end with simply becoming a citizen of a particular country, or by patronizing the locally made goods to grow the economy like the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira.

This mindset extends beyond fighting physically in defense of your country; the observation of all the civic responsibilities or the formulation of foreign policies.

No doubt these issues described above also gives credence to a true devotion and love for country but in most cases, #SpokenWords often times characterize the basis of most unpatriotic acts by people of any country.

Spoken Words breathes health as well as filth. It is often said that words are like fire, when breathed might not be taken back. Words are also like bitter fruits which only can be tasted when you have a bite of it.

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, vast in culture is yet to see the need to be fully patriotic in their Spoken Words. There is a conscious act to mismanage the use of Spoken Words by Nigerians. How long will Nigerians continue to defame themselves just to please and look good in the face of others, who have little or no iota of care for their wellbeing?

It is true that one cannot throw away the bath water with the baby, but alas, this is the unhealthy situation we live in Nigeria. It is so sad that today, Nigerians have become less proud of Nigeria. Unhealthy comparisons have become the order of the day and this continues on daily basis to ridicule the integrity and unity of our dear country in the face of others.

It is the responsibility of Nigerians to imbibe the positive attitude of promoting the positive image of Nigeria in all situations, not just by actions but in Spoken Words.

We do and should sincerely have respect for our dear country’ image everywhere we go. Citizens of other country’ respect their country and do not use derogatory words for their country.

Nigerians should learn to support Nigerians in whatsoever situation we are in, no matter the political affiliation, Region, Religion and ethnic background.

The outside world will be so glad to see Nigerians dependent on them always, just so to prove a point.

If Nigeria is not our home, who then are we?

Nigerians must learn to Speak Well of Nigeria In Love For Country.

Everyone, should learn to Speak Well of their Country, in Love For Country.



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