Truth About Lyrics



6 thoughts on “Truth About Lyrics

  1. Mr. Pintowski, good, real, original music is one of the only pure things by man.
    By this I am referring to a true artist, a prodigy, a maestro.
    I believe there are true maestros in many fields.
    Music has been in my blood since birth, the same goes for flying.
    I started piano before 5-years-of-age, and could read music before 5.
    Mr. Pintowski, how many times have you cried in front of strangers, have you ever????
    I am sorry Mr. Pintowski, but you are a very special young Man, special to me, so I have to share this. A very short time ago was two years to the day My Eagle flew for the last time. She was weak, but wanted to see the sunrise with me one last time. We went outside the hospital and watched the sun rise, as we had for over 50 years, when she took wing. I was so proud of her. She would turn soon…. but something, I still believe I saw something, then she turned and in that moment I saw her change and she was strong, and growing stronger, she turned and I saw she was torn, then she flew up and out of sight. Within the space of 5 heartbeats her voice in my head went silent.
    I avoided every place with a line for quiet some time.
    Then, it was unavoidable, dinner was 10 minutes away, hurry but drive safely.
    I made it to the checkout just as an older Lady did, and I smiled and told her to go right ahead. That is when she realized she had forgotten something. I said I will get it for you, and hustled off. I made it back and two Ladies with Children were behind us. I handed her what I can not mention now, but just then I looked at it and it came rushing back as the tears came out full force. It was the very same thing, same size, and same price as the last time My Eagle sent me to the store.
    Mr. Pintowski wait until true finds you, you deserve it, and so will she.
    Your Friend,
    Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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      1. Mr. Pintowski, I noticed you didn’t answer me.
        Oh you know I didn’t expect you to.
        I had always left myself an out, the perfect excape route. I will never know how, but those Ladies saw that first tear(so did the girl checking), and they was on me like paramedics, hugging me and crying right along with me. The older Lady ahead of me was the ring leader, she was the last to start crying. The first thing out of her mouth was “His woman didn’t walk out!” and she was hugging me by then and said quietly “she didn’t did she, she was called home by the Good Lord wasn’t she?”. When I half said yes and half shook my head, that Lady come all to pieces.
        I can go in that store and will see at least 2 of those Ladies every time.
        Mr. Pintowski, it happened at the red light a whole lot of times.
        Thank You for asking Mr. Pintowski, I miss Melanii every day, and cry almost every day. But she pulled a dirty trick on me before she left, she gave a young Latina the keys to an old man. You see my people are different than everybody, and what is worst is that I am a Holy Warrior. That Latina went to the head woman and claimed her right to keep an old man from dying a fast death. The moral of the story is that I am stuck…. but it is not a bad thing Mr Pintowski.
        I send all Good Things your way My Friend, always and all ways.
        Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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      2. Mr. Pintowski, I would give you a Million Dollars if you asked and if I had it.
        If you really want to know, figure out how much you want to know and how much time you want to invest, then email me at , then I will email you back with a cool email address and at least we can talk, even live if you wish….:)
        Mr. Pintowski, as always, I send all Good Things Your way.

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