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You can watch video about products of the company on the web channel  About product of Swissgolden


Gold investment bullions Swissgolden from 1 to 100 grams are made according to the LBMA recommendations and meet all requirements of the “Good Delivery” specification:

  – On the front side of a bullion there is information about brand of the company («SG», «Swissgolden»), metal purity («Fine Gold 999,9»), its weight and serial number;

  – The backside contains an image of company’s trademark (“SG”).

Moreover, the Swissgolden is the first company on the investment gold market that applied to its gold products some modern technical solutions among them three degrees of additional protection:

 1. There is a QR code in right upper corner on backside of the package. When a client scans the code with his smartphone, he is redirected to the official web page of the online shop Swissgolden.

 2. There is an electronic chip NFC, installed in upper part of package. While scanning the chip with a smartphone with NFC technology a client sees an image of that gold bullion with its individual serial number and all information provided by the company.


  – There is no way to falsify or to reinstall the electronic chip.

  – ID of the chip is a unique combination of symbols, which is impossible to copy and to use it on a fake product.

  – Any attempt to open the package damages the electronic chip and makes it impossible to scan.

 3. Backside of the package has a holographic inscription «Intact Certicard Seal» that gets visible in ultraviolet rays. Opening the package damages the inscription, which does not appear any more.

“Swissgolden” Swissgolden: Purchase our gold bullion’s with confidence – our unique technologies protect them from any falsification!

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