Reasons why the Swissgolden business opportunity remains the best:
First, the Product we are discussing here is 24-karat Gold bars (purest you can find in d world)…Everyone loves Gold…

The bonus program is the EASIEST i’ve ever seen..It really pays fast without too much effort when u have the right clients in your team.
No autoship; No continuous referal to stay in the business, all you need is TWO clients who desire to SUCCEED in this business (Clients that value GOLD)…
Also, no one loses his cash investing in Swissgolden….you can opt out and get your full refund or you can verify your account and sell to a new client who wishes to do the business. 
There’s no risk involved in Swissgolden i.e. Your first main table pay yields you 8x your initial investment.
And there’s no continuous reinvestment for one to keep earning from SG.
Passive income/Leadership activation seem quite easy in Swissgolden.
Swissgolden has got several cash withdrawal options….
Remember,We don’t do SUPPLEMENTS,WE DO GOLD

One is entitled to earn when he is heading a main board and his 2 clients are with him on the main board and the board fills up it splits and he earns.
Yes you must sponsor two clients. 
Also the difference between Swissgolden and all other networking business is everybody earns no matter how long because no one can earn without the 2 people he invited to the business on the main table 😃🤑😃🤑😃

That’s a good strategy by Swissgolden


Be the Best.. Have the Best.. 

(Desire to be part of the Team, kindly contact me

We can do business together from any part of the world)

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