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Swaziland bans ‘rape-provoking’ miniskirts

This is a giant stride to reducing cases of abuse in women.


n_37602_4 Police in Africa’s last absolute monarchy Swaziland have banned women from wearing miniskirts and midriff-revealing tops saying they provoke rape, local media reported on Monday, AFP has reported.

Offenders face a six-month jail term under the ban, which invokes a colonial criminal act dating back to 1889.

“The act of the rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” police spokeswoman Wendy Hleta was quoted as saying in the Independent Online news.
The ban also applies to low-rise jeans.

“They will be arrested,” she said.

Hleta said women wearing revealing clothing were responsible for assaults or rapes committed against them.

“I have read from the social networks that men and even other women have a tendency of ‘undressing people with their eyes’. That becomes easier when the clothes are hugging or are more revealing,” Hleta said.

However, the ban does not…

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Matters of the Heart.

Good morning friends, Friday was a black Friday for my friend and almost a black Friday for us.

My friend fell in love with a woman and during the Christmas holiday, he traveled home and returned with her so that he could prove to her how much he loved her. He brought her to  help her get a job and become successful while he is struggling at the same time. He settled her in another friends place just so to get extra cash and get her properly settled. She was with him for 5 days, her expenses all on him. My friends older brother heard of it, although it was my friend who disclosed it to him just so he knows the woman in his life and his intentions for her. On Thursday, he took her to church to pray together with her. When he returned, his older brother advised him not to promise a lady marriage right now, ‘say he should give her some time’, and get settled himself first before thinking of marriage. He advised further that my friend should take the lady back home to her parents. He agreed to do that. Friday, very early he stepped out just so to “take the lady back’ ; well unknown to us he didn’t, but returned her to the place she was settled with a friend. No news from him until Saturday when he was brought home almost dead. My friend had taken poison because the lady left him for another man and warned him never to call her phone again. Right now, he is receiving treatment, but still not sure of himself…

Friends, matter of the heart are serious matters, do not toil around with it, you might be toiling with another’ life…. Be careful and never hurt those that love you.

This Might Anger Some Crot Female



According to a recent survey conducted among 1500 men and 505 women, 36% of Croatian men believe that the most important role of women is housekeeping and cooking for family, and one fifth of male respondents believe that it is the men who should have a final say in decision making at kuća, while one third of those polled believe that gender equality “has gone too far”. The results, should therefore, come as a concern for gender equality activists.

Local Language Terms:

  • kuća: home
  • Crot: a native or national of Croatia, or a person of Croatian descent

At a glance:

In Croatia, the ratio of female to male labor force participation rate is 77%


Croatia is the only country in the world in which the president is also a music composer!

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This has to stop. Anew world order must be instituted to curb the menace….

The PhotoBook Journal


Copyright 2012 Laia Abril self-published

First be warned, this is a troubling, if not disturbing, photobook.

As such, it is a photo-documentary of a community of mostly young women who appear to obsessively starving themselves to death. In a bazaar twist on social networking, these women post and share self-portraits of their current anorexia state amongst themselves. .

As a social documentary artist, Laia Abril has researched this self-destructing group by re-photographing what these women have posted about themselves on certain web sites and other social media. In by so doing, she calls attention to the act of social networking as well as photography as a medium to propagate an illness.

Abril asks the rhetorical question; does photography help them to be aware of reality or has the camera turned into another trick for anorexia to control their body and perpetuate the distortion of their own image? To what extent…

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My friend the one I cherish

I flourish because you are caring

Morning and evening are witnesses.

But reciprocating this I find unfathomable

Favorably interested only in successes

Failing to understand that the world is a small place where we all should live peaceably as long as we can

Just as the body functions as one.

Love and harmony should be our principle.

My friend how well should I believe in you

You make me feel insecure when truly you are my confidant.

Confidence in a friend is what matters most.

Most times we may not remain steadfast due to life’s threshold

But since man is no immortal we are bound to make mistakes

Because a leopard cannot change its spot.

Sometimes I wonder if my friend should truly still be my friend.

Oh my friend, how I’d wish you’d truly, really, sincerely and faithfully remain my friend.

My fair weather friend, how I cherish you


Mother Teresa quotes
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”

Mother Teresa quotes

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My New Year Resolution.


Its another new year, permit me to say a warm hearty new year cheer to everyone in the world. The year 2012 was awesome, bad, and also filled with several heartbreaking situations. 2012 might have been made up of dark nights, but i can assure you that 2013, your morning star will definitely rise.

Have you said your new year resolutions, so that they will ride you through till the end of 2013? Its definitely going to be a long year, and you don’t want to forget your resolutions before the end of the 1st quarter of the year. So many do that and this is as a result of several issues beyond their control.

Sometimes in the year 1910, August 26th to be precise, a beautiful, soul- inspiring child was born. An ethnic of Albanian, Indian Roman Catholic nun.She made her own resolution. In her words

                “By blood, I am Albanian, By citizenship an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, its belongs entirely to the heart of Jesus”.

This was her resolution in life; to help the world. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, which in 2012 consisted of over 4,500 sisters and is active in 133 countries. Sadly, she suffered a heart attack in Rome in 1983, another in 1989. In 1991, she battled with pneumonia, and in April 1996, fell and broke her collar bone. She departed from among the living September 5th, 1997. Mother Teresa loved everyone especially the less privileged amongst us.

All around the world, there are several cases of violence; against women and against children especially. One of such is the recent killing at  Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, on December 14th 2012,  where 20 innocent, hopeful,  beautiful  children where shot dead and 6 educators as well. Ever since, parents and citizens have been traumatized and this has generated reactions from around the world with the most recent from celebrities @, asking President Barack Obama to take a stand on guns control as nearly 33 Americans are killed everyday with a gun (and this is just in America). In the news, most people are of the opinion that guns should be legalized as this might bring to a halt issues of this kind, Some have started giving shooting lessons to teacher so they could protect themselves in case of future occurrence. Then, you can imagine everyone having a gun and knowing how to use the gun. Probably, the world would be the safest place since everyone can protect himself/herself.

Each day I make sure I listen to Rihanna’ Man Down track from the album ‘Loud’ before my 24 hours elapses and I advice you give it a try. This single was released May 3, 2011. ‘Man Down’ video received a major criticism  especially from the Parent Television Council due to the violent nature of the video. But I believe the song is worth more than we imagined. The song lyrics were so clear that anytime i hear them, i feel guilt for trying to harm a fellow man. Rihanna, explained how it all started ” from a little altercation, which turns into a real risky situation”, and “she didn’t mean to hurt him, could have been somebody’ son”.  Her conscience then pricks her for her wrong doing.These words each day make my day come alive, because I don’t wish to run out of town or go into hiding.

Each man’ life is worth everything in the world, the government should not delegate its security functions to the citizens and the citizens should not take up security functions on behalf of the government. One of the reasons for the negative criticism of “Man Down”, was that it will teach the children a wrong way of resolving disputes especially the young girls, but Rihanna, had her reasons.

The request for President Barack Obama and Congressmen to take a decision on guns control and legalize the legals and deal with the illegal distributors should not be the issue. Just as Rihanna stated, parents shouldn’t leave their responsibilities to others, they are your responsibility, teach them. Guns legalization will create more panic in the world.

Imagine you have a gun, your children have guns, your neighbors are armed, your friends are armed, and even your enemies are also armed. 

The world is relying on you to take that decision that could make the world a better place for everyone, Mother Teresa did hers and make you should make a resolution.

                                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Christmas is a season for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. The season is marked with so much love, care, kindness, hope and above all its a season of reunion.

This season is rated as one of the most expensive seasons in the world as the amount of sales during this time is enormous globally and this is for buying gifts for the season. Most people buy these gifts for their families and love ones, some for the less privileged in the society, the orphanage homes, rehabilitation homes and its always a joyous moment.

The question now is ” why after these so much love and care shared, the world is still not a better place for us all”. Do people forget the significance of this immediately after the Yuletide.

The reason for this celebration is to celebrate the birth of a Savior. But this has over the years been hilariously celebrated and we forgetting the the reasons for His birth. We have also by reason of chance invented symbolic arts to commemorate this season. The Christmas tree, the basket of gifts, the gift packs, all are significant symbols  commemorating the season.

The Christmas tree signifies the one tree line in which humanity originates from and has grown and spread all over the earth. The decor is so captivating that I wish to ask why all the aesthetics. Most Christmas trees are beautified with lights and makeshifts of fruits which symbolizes food for mankind. The light giving brightness in the dark, telling the world that this season should be beautifully celebrated, it should be devoid of evil tendencies and attributes, its should take us through the New Year. The fruits, the gift packs, the gift baskets and all forms of gifts given during this yuletide should be of good intent today and beyond through to the next Christmas celebration.

How do you remember your Christmas as someone once said to me ‘ that the worth of a man on earth is not in his existence alone but also in his legacies’.

The world could be a better place with your impact this season if you reflect on the significance of the Christmas tree sitting in your house and the gifts baskets.

Merry Christmas

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