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A drawing board (also drawing table, drafting table or architect’s table) is, in its antique form, a kind of multipurpose desk which can be used for any kind of drawing, writing or impromptu sketching on a large sheet of paper or for reading a large format book or other over-sized document or for drafting precise technical illustrations. The drawing table used to be a frequent companion to a pedestal desk in a gentleman’s study or private library, during the pre-industrial and early industrial era. During the Industrial Revolution draftsmanship gradually became a specialized trade and drawing tables slowly moved out of the libraries and offices of most gentlemen. They became more utilitarian and were built of steel and plastic instead of fine woods and brass.

Modern-day idiom :The expression “back to the drawing board” is used when a plan or course of action needs to be changed, often drastically; usually due a very unsuccessful result. (Source Wikipedia).

                        WHY GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD?

On Yahoo News recently about 11 hours ago…..6 arrested in new rape of a bus passenger in India…

This is coming despite the court case and protests aroused by the rape of the physiotherapy student which attracted comments around the globe.

Mail online reported a case of a teenage girl raped at a school prom party by group of college football team players, case in court… And another just recent is a rape of a Mentally challenged girl, 15 “gang raped” under her desk during class as teacher did nothing at Martin De Porres  Academy in Elmont, N.Y .

These are among the ones reported in the countless cases of rape victims around the world.

1 month remembrance of the shooting in Connecticut Elementary school which left about 20 children dead and six adult dead is around the corner. Major awareness is been created to make sure that most people sign a petition which will Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence as people die each day due to unwanted shooting.

These are among the ones reported by the media in the countless cases of unwanted shooting and killing of children and civilians   

ImageThe internet activist, who just committed suicide, is another issue I must talk about. Aaron Swartz Reddit co-founder and internet activist committed suicide in New York on Friday, MIT’s The Tech reports. Swartz was charged in July 2011 with felony hacking, accused of stealing millions of documents from online research outlet JSTOR. Swartz pled not guilty in September 2012, but was still facing a possible prison sentence, ZDNet reports. Demand Progress’s executive director wrote in 2011, “It’s like trying to put someone in jail for allegedly checking too many books out of the library.”

According to his mum, ‘Aaron died due to emotional problems he has trying to cope with the fact that he might be reminded in prison and be abused, due to his internet activities and recent court charges’. He was just 26 years old.

These are events which are making the news and there are even more which are unspoken of and never where reported by the media, and the question now is, “WHO IS TO BLAME FOR ALL OF THESE”

Most people will definitely blame the rapists, and some might say Aaron crossed the line.

The issues with gun violence didn’t start today. Like some are still agitating, ‘give us right to own guns for to protect ourselves against attacks from bad people’.

Maybe if every woman, young girl had a gun, the issues with rape will be controlled or even completely halted…’some say’

Maybe if everyone had a gun armed robbery will be reduced..


its seems  we also forgetting to ask how did all these began?

There is no moral justification to rape a woman, but have you asked why these youth find pleasure in these acts not minding the penalties involved….

There is so much NONSENSE on the internet which WE have by our laws allowed due to FREEDOM

Aaron had a course he was fighting for and if that course had never existed probably he wouldn’t go into hacking…

I believe that we can go back to the drawing board and find out where the compass had failed us… the world could be a better place if we really go back to the board and turn around…

No more guns,

  No more free shooting class for teenagers,

Reduce the NONSENSE on the internet that is where the focus should be….


My New Year Resolution.


Its another new year, permit me to say a warm hearty new year cheer to everyone in the world. The year 2012 was awesome, bad, and also filled with several heartbreaking situations. 2012 might have been made up of dark nights, but i can assure you that 2013, your morning star will definitely rise.

Have you said your new year resolutions, so that they will ride you through till the end of 2013? Its definitely going to be a long year, and you don’t want to forget your resolutions before the end of the 1st quarter of the year. So many do that and this is as a result of several issues beyond their control.

Sometimes in the year 1910, August 26th to be precise, a beautiful, soul- inspiring child was born. An ethnic of Albanian, Indian Roman Catholic nun.She made her own resolution. In her words

                “By blood, I am Albanian, By citizenship an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, its belongs entirely to the heart of Jesus”.

This was her resolution in life; to help the world. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, which in 2012 consisted of over 4,500 sisters and is active in 133 countries. Sadly, she suffered a heart attack in Rome in 1983, another in 1989. In 1991, she battled with pneumonia, and in April 1996, fell and broke her collar bone. She departed from among the living September 5th, 1997. Mother Teresa loved everyone especially the less privileged amongst us.

All around the world, there are several cases of violence; against women and against children especially. One of such is the recent killing at  Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, on December 14th 2012,  where 20 innocent, hopeful,  beautiful  children where shot dead and 6 educators as well. Ever since, parents and citizens have been traumatized and this has generated reactions from around the world with the most recent from celebrities @ http://www.demandaplan.org, asking President Barack Obama to take a stand on guns control as nearly 33 Americans are killed everyday with a gun (and this is just in America). In the news, most people are of the opinion that guns should be legalized as this might bring to a halt issues of this kind, Some have started giving shooting lessons to teacher so they could protect themselves in case of future occurrence. Then, you can imagine everyone having a gun and knowing how to use the gun. Probably, the world would be the safest place since everyone can protect himself/herself.

Each day I make sure I listen to Rihanna’ Man Down track from the album ‘Loud’ before my 24 hours elapses and I advice you give it a try. This single was released May 3, 2011. ‘Man Down’ video received a major criticism  especially from the Parent Television Council due to the violent nature of the video. But I believe the song is worth more than we imagined. The song lyrics were so clear that anytime i hear them, i feel guilt for trying to harm a fellow man. Rihanna, explained how it all started ” from a little altercation, which turns into a real risky situation”, and “she didn’t mean to hurt him, could have been somebody’ son”.  Her conscience then pricks her for her wrong doing.These words each day make my day come alive, because I don’t wish to run out of town or go into hiding.

Each man’ life is worth everything in the world, the government should not delegate its security functions to the citizens and the citizens should not take up security functions on behalf of the government. One of the reasons for the negative criticism of “Man Down”, was that it will teach the children a wrong way of resolving disputes especially the young girls, but Rihanna, had her reasons.

The request for President Barack Obama and Congressmen to take a decision on guns control and legalize the legals and deal with the illegal distributors should not be the issue. Just as Rihanna stated, parents shouldn’t leave their responsibilities to others, they are your responsibility, teach them. Guns legalization will create more panic in the world.

Imagine you have a gun, your children have guns, your neighbors are armed, your friends are armed, and even your enemies are also armed. 

The world is relying on you to take that decision that could make the world a better place for everyone, Mother Teresa did hers and make you should make a resolution.

                                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR.